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I guess the title pretty much describes the problem.

I'm using Inkscape to write a SVG document, and convert it to PDF to share on the web (keeping SVG as original file is safer)
I have many URLs in this document. I know internal links (clickable and not necessarily showing the whole URL on screen) don't mean a lot in SVG and Bitmap images (which are usually supposed as final output document), but they are good in PDF.

Editing output PDF file and adding links is very hard, because is PDF format is complicated and nasty (unless there is a easy to use editor program).
How can add such links the easy way (preferably in Inkscape/SVG)

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I finally had to move all my links to a separate page that I made with LibreOffice Draw, and exported to pdf, and merged those multiple pdf files with pdftk. –  ilius Mar 12 at 18:05

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The best solution I found to have your links working in PDFs created from Inkscape would be:

  1. save from Inkscape as "Plain SVG".
  2. open in Chrome the plain SVG file.
  3. from Chrome: Print/Save as PDF.
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That didn't work for my complicated svg. The plain svg is shown properly with Chrome, but Chrome's pdf output is a complete mess! And URL's are not clickable either. Let alone internal links are not possible this way (you need a tagging format like bbcode or html) –  ilius Mar 12 at 17:52
That happens if I "Print to PDF". But if I save as pdf, the output file is shown properly with my pdf reader, but URLs are still not clickable. And text zooming does not work (it's like a bitmap image) –  ilius Mar 12 at 18:00

One (indirect) way if your links are based on text would be to go through Latex.

When exporting the PDF, tick the box "Dont include text but generate latex file". Then the coordinates of text objects will be available in the .pdf_tex file, where you will need to add manually the links. Then compile with pdflatex.

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In Inkscape 0.48, this option is titled "PDF+Latex: Omit text in PDF, and create LaTeX file". I don't know very much TeX, but thanks anyway :) –  ilius Apr 2 at 8:46

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