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I am new in Embedded Systems, and I want to add a usb postscript printing support such that it can serve request from any computer in the Network(Printer sharing).

I went through various printing protocols and found that I can achieve this by using the LPD/LPR printing protocol.

But I couldn't find the exact procedure/setup required for printer sharing?

So please help me through this. (This is my first assignment in this company and I want it to be perfect and in time.)

Thanks for the suggestions in advance.

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You want to be using IPP for this, and you want CUPS for that. Install CUPS, open port 631 on the device, configure CUPS for remote HTTP connections (its config file looks just like a HTTPd config file, with a few CUPS-specific options added), then connect to port 631 with a browser and add and configure your printers there.

Note that CUPS also gives you the option of sharing printers via SMB and even LPR if so required.

Also consider installing Avahi in order to provide Zeroconf access to the printer(s) from OS X and *nix (and Windows with Bonjour Print Services installed).

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Thanks Ignacio, correct me if I am wrong at any point. Is it possible to not use cups? As memory footprint of CUPS is much more larger than that of LPD/LPD printing spooler. And I found that there are some china products in which those guys are using LPD/LPR for Printer sharing in network. You can find it at… (continued in following comment). – nyk_mat Jul 20 '13 at 12:50
And also found that postscript print is possible using LPD/LPR as follows : > When Print is given, computer spools the print job to disk and generates the PostScript data (the data file). > Then it sends the data file and control file to the IP address specified in the LPR desktop printer. So please tell me that is it possible to add a USB postscript printer support, such that it can be shared by all the computers in the network using LPD/LPR printing spooler? Thank You. – nyk_mat Jul 20 '13 at 12:50
My Pogoplug has a RSS of 3048 kB for cupsd and a further 1068 kB for avahi-daemon, which is not terrible all things considered. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jul 20 '13 at 19:22

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