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I can open www.science20.com url normally with Chrome; but if using Firefox, even with javascript and auto redirects turned off, it magically redirects to http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/update/ . Otherwise Firefox works fine, i.e. I have not yet discovered any other such weird urls.

Can't say it's a big problem, but I am quite curious as to why this could be happening.

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The entry in the Places database responsible for this URL may be damaged, such that the page stored under the name www.science20.com in the database in fact points to the Firefox update page.

Try typing www.science20.com in the address bar, select the link in the drop-down box from the address bar, then type Delete to delete the entry from your browsing history. Then try accessing the website again. If this works, the problem is solved; if not, try creating an empty profile and see if it works. If not, your system may have a virus that needs to be removed.

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