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I would like to do an unattended (i.e. using no GUI) cygwin base install, also including the svn package so I can install apt-cyg

Question: How can I do this?

Note: After I have done the base + svn install, I will pull in the packages I need with cyg-apt, e.g.

svn --force export /bin/
chmod +x /bin/apt-cyg

Then install packages, e.g.

apt-cyg install vim
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It would appear that an author of the project would like you to know that the project is now at see their edit at . this should have been an answer giving instructions for new users rather than an edit. – Mokubai Oct 26 at 7:31

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I ended up doing this to install Base + svn:

setup.exe -R c:\dev\cygwin\root -q -C Base -P subversion -n -d -O -s %CYG_SITE%

Take a look at setup.exe --help for the meaning of the options.

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