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I have a battery that is a bit messed up and probably needs to be replaced. In the meantime, I would to use it without it automatically going into sleep mode. Sometimes this happens after about 20 minutes, without any warnings. It doesn't seem to matter at what level I put the alarms. After about 5 minutes of being plugged in again, the battery seems fully charged.

This is with Windows 7. When I using XP, I could turn off the battery critical event handler all together, and just use the laptop until the power literally ran out. Yes, it's like a crash and requires a reboot, but if you are expecting it, not the bad at all actually, especially to maximize the usuge of your PC when on battery.

Is there a way to do this on Windows 7 or 8?

P.S. My laptop also has an overheating problem, and the issues may be related, however, I don't know which came first. I may make another post on the overheating. But basics of preventing overheating have been applied.

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Generally, it's not a good idea to discharge you battery below a certain threshold if you at least a bit care about its life. Too late for you, but you can still read why. That's probably also the reason why the wise ones at Microsoft decided to not allow you to set the critical level below 3% and also prevent you from ignoring the critical event.

Still, what's not available from the dropdowns seems to be possible via command line tool powercfg. If you run the following command from an elevated command console (cmd Run as Administrator) you'll get exactly what you are asking for:


This command will set the critical event handler to "Do Nothing" when running on battery in your currently selected power scheme (see powercfg -L), thus your system will die only when the battery protection circuit cuts the power off.

Do Nothing for Critical battery action

You can also run powercfg /? to get all its options.

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I actually haven't tried this yet, I might save it for a special time. But it seems like this is what I want. Also, interestingly enough, my PC was caught in a weird shut down state at one point in time, and lasted more than an hour on the batter. – Jahmic Nov 15 '13 at 6:27

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