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So, here is how my computer starts up:

  1. BIOS screen
  2. short no backlight blackscreen
  3. Boot Screen
  4. long with backlight blackscreen
  5. flash of no blacklight blackscreen
  6. Windows 7 login screen loads up

I tried a lot of other ones on web but they doesn't work. Please comment me what information I ought to put in. But now I can tell some:

  1. No updates available for my display adapter.
  2. 6gbs ram
  3. 64 bits system
  4. sp1 installed
  5. no problem on my registry on Shell in Windows NT HKEY
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A long boot time indicates a driver problem. When you elminiate most of your statup applications and drivers what happens? – Ramhound Jul 22 '13 at 16:20
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Sound like it could be the hard drive. Maybe bad sectors, I would update your BIOS and run CHKDSK /R in cmd. Make sure you are an administrator when you run it. to open cmd hit the Windows key+R, then type cmd.

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I scan took half my day, but sure it was faster. But my BIOS has no update, thanks a lot. – Daniel Cheung Jul 23 '13 at 5:42

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