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I have had this same issue with many GeForce videocards on different monitors (not sure about ATI cards) - default colors are too bright, greys become glowing whites. I have to run "Nvidia Control Panel" and then set gamma, brightness and contrast all to 0. The brightness becomes as it should be but I am losing all greys and color shades.

In good old XP days I had default nvidia color settings and everything was fine. All issues started somewhere from XP SP2 or so.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Have you tried fiddling with the Digital Vibrance settings in nVidia control panel? I'd reduce them, if I were you and check for changes.

enter image description here

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I already have everything at 0 on this page. – serg Jun 30 '10 at 15:45

You could check the monitor settings and adjust them to your likings (not really sure on how to do that, but you could always google it =]

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just reinstall the nvidia drivers...i had this issue today simple re install sorted for me... im asuming its a gliched setting in the a reboot did not fix it...that or a third part application has changed the setting some how !

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