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How do you disable the bell sound in Intellij.

I am using the IdeaVim plugin for Intellij on Mac OS X and want to mute the sound.

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This article may help you.

Basically, IdeaVIM reads your ~/.ideavimrc (~/.vimrc pre-v0.35) file and silently ignores any settings it does not understand. Of the bell-related settings, it does not understand :set noerrorbells, but it does understand :set visualbell. And since it has no implementation for a visual bell, it will do nothing and achieve the desired effect.

So in your ~/.ideavimrc, you can use the following:

set visualbell
set noerrorbells

This will set the (non-functional) visual bell for IdeaVIM while disabling the bell completely for VIM itself.

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Note that as of v0.35, IdeaVIM no longer uses the ~/.vimrc, it now uses ~/.ideavimrc. – Andrew Lank Jun 17 '14 at 16:28

I wanted to disable the Bell sound throughout all of my Mac, including AppCode. Did this by sliding Alert Volume to 0 in System Settings > Sound on my Mac

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