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When I use tabs in vim, I use the shortcut ctrl+pgup and ctrl+pgdn for navigating between tabs. I realize I can do :tabnext and :tabprev, but that is certainly more keystrokes.

Everything works fine until I'm running vim in a screen session. To reproduce:

touch .screenrc.tmp && screen -c .screenrc.tmp 

(launch screen with an empty screenrc)

then run:

vim -p file1 file2 

and attempt to navigate between tabs via ctrl+pgup and ctrl+pgdn. Some strange capitalization changes will happen too, if you have some text in either file.

screen version is 4.00.03jw4

vim version is 7.3.429


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The normal way to do this is gt and gT. Move forward or backwards a tab. Most likely pageup and pagedown are being interpreted differently in screen. – FDinoff Jul 23 '13 at 0:27
Awesome, thank you! :) – cat pants Jul 23 '13 at 16:46

Compare the t_kP option in each scenario. Vim in Xterm is ^[[5;*~; Vim in Screen is ^[[5~. When the latter value is used for that option, the escape sequence ^[[5;5~ isn't recognized as being ctrl-pageup. I always use xterm, so this plugin will set t_kP and other Vim terminal options so modified F keys, page up/down, etc. just work:

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