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I've tried opening the Accessibility menu and choosing black background with green font, but it seems this does not work if the document was originally scanned in Black/White mode. Is there any other way to enhance the PDF's contrast?

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I do not think that any of the PDF viewers have built in filters or adjustments for pictures, only for fonts backgrounds and colors.

You could adjust your monitor, and/or if your video card software supports it adjust the video cards, video settings. Save the video settings in a profile to use again, for this purpose, it would not be too bad.

You could print it and adjust your printer (most printer preferances allow adjusting).
You could Screen grab it , then paste it into a picture/photo editor and adjust.
If your "allowed" and have PDF creation program you could fix each picture used, and remake it.
If you have Adobees photoshop program, some versions of it would open a PDF, I do not know what it could do.

See also Adjust PDF Contrast with Adobe Reader/Acrobat?
It has some very good and easy answers if the PDF is not locked down.

You did not indicate if it is one picture, or many, which would help the question. You did not indicate the operating system (even a tag for it works). adding that information to the question will improve being able to answer.

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