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I want to know if it is possible to connect an Xbox 360 console to the monitor of a laptop. I have searched about this and I have found out that it might be able to be done through an HDMI port that would connect both the video and the audio.

My laptop has an HDMI port, I have looked in the manual and it says that the HDMI port "Supports high definition digital video connections", but nothing about sound, so I presume that the port does not support sound, only video.

My question is, can I still connect the console for video output and use headphones that I connect directly to the console itself for audio ?

I am not familiar neither with the Xbox console nor with how the HDMI port works so I am asking to be sure.

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Your laptop HDMI only supports audio and video out, not in. It is no different than a VGA, DVI, or DisplayPort connection. You will not be able connect your XBox to your laptop's monitor.

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