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In Firefox 22, I want do disable the notifications, that appear at the bottom of the window when loading a page or hovering a link.

Is there a setting or a value in the configuration to disable this?

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Add the following code to userChrome.css below the default @namespace line:

#statusbar-display { display:none!important; }

The userChrome.css can be found in the chrome folder which in turn is located in your profile folder (see locations at the end of the post). This should hide the status-bar popup even though I wouldn't recommend doing so. If you want to keep seeing the information when hovering over a link and still be able to hide status information, you may want to try the following lines instead:

#statusbar-display[label^="Looking"] {display:none !important;}
#statusbar-display[label^="Connect"] {display:none !important;}
#statusbar-display[label^="Waiting"] {display:none !important;}
#statusbar-display[label^="Transfer"] {display:none !important;}
#statusbar-display[label^="Read"] {display:none !important;}

After saving your changes you need to restart your browser for the changes to take effect. If you're familiar with User Style Manager (USM) or Stylish, you can of course use these extensions to make the changes. USM is a restartless extension; both extensions can mostly apply modifications on the fly.

Profile Folder Locations

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\
  • Linux: ~/.mozilla/
  • Mac: ~/Library/Mozilla/ or ~/Library/Application Support/

See Profile Folder at MozillaZine's Knowledge Base for more information.

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I can't figure out where it would be in about:config but this status-4-evar add-in can disable it

Tools - add-ons - extensions - status 4 evar - status - general

show status in: none; show links in: none

progress - location bar - uncheck "show progress in the location bar"

you'll also want to make sure your ad-on bar toolbar is not shown.

here is the source code if you want to try to find the about:config settings

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