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I am trying to get the syntax highlighting in the Cocoa Emacs app to be the same as the standard version. For example with iPython, the difference is this:



emacs (running in iTerm)

enter image description here

I know the difference is subtle but it makes a difference!!!

I have noticed that iTerm only renders the colours nicely when the terminal type is set to xterm, but I can't see anywhere to do that inside Emacs.

Is there anything I can change here to get the colours looking the same?

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M-x customize-face RET or M-x list-faces-display RET. You should become familiar with the fonts faces so that you can customize every aspect of Emacs, from the modeline to the finges to the line numbers. Once you make a change and save it to your .emacs file, you can look inside and see how it is done. Many people like to use color themes, which is a simplified way to select from various predefined syntax highlighting schemes. In the future, you can also set up your own font-lock or hi-lock keywords and phrases once you become more comfortable.

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