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I need a locale-independent solution to create a new text file with a keyboard shortcut in Windows 7.

I've tried AutoHotkey to create shortcut in Windows 7 for text file creation in current window of explorer like described in answer to Is there a shortcut for creating a new file?.

However, the solution doesn't work on Russian systems because keyboard shortcuts depend on the UI language.

I faced the issue with Russian locale because I don't want to change my keyboard layout to Russian every time I want to use something like this:

Send {Alt} ;Menu
Send f ;> File
Send w ;> New
Send t ;select Text Document
Send ^a ;select all

In Russian locale I need to use Russian symbols instead of f, w, t, a, etc.

Is there a system language-independent solution for this?

Probably I need to get current location of opened explorer window and ... what? I don't want to send cmd command because I want to set file name in time I create file (not renaming it later with F2 key) and I don't have any other solution this moment.

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Have you tried using Russian characters in the AutoHotkey script? – gronostaj Jul 23 '13 at 13:24
@gornostaj It's not a case because I work in multi-locale environment and want to use/share script between machines with both English (different types) and Russian locales – zubactik Jul 23 '13 at 13:34
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@zubactik Your need use the virtual/scan codes of keys, instead names, example/some my explanation.

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