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I have this regex:


I run it on the following text: cvc cvcv g f f
You can download RegexBu    ddy at f
" URL with spaces" v

I need to match the following – the bolded text only:

How can I do that?


@slhck your revised regex matches almost everything except when the url starts with www. e.g - " URL with spaces"

I made some changes to the regex to match the leading www. It looks like


Can you please review ? and suggest if there exists better ways of matching it.

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Thanks for improving your question; reopened. But please clarify… why do you need to match and, but not, and not There's no pattern here… – slhck Jul 23 '13 at 18:08
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If you don't want to include the trailing whitespace in a match, use a negative lookahead:


In your example, this would match:

To further match only http or https, and optional www use something like:


Here's John Gruber's regex to check for what looks like an URL, which appears to work quite well in your case:


But honestly, all those approaches will only get you false matches sooner or later. If you need a regular expression to parse URLs, see this Stack Overflow question: What is the best regular expression to check if a string is a valid URL?

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♦ Hey, I'm stuck with little something, can you see the updated question please? – asadz Jul 23 '13 at 21:36
This is more complicated since you need to check if there's www – I added an example from John Gruber which should work in your case. – slhck Jul 24 '13 at 9:45

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