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My new laptop has a 13.3" monitor. Stupidly, its only supported widescreen resolution is 1920x1080, which by default makes everything really difficult to read. This has ultimately forced me to increase the default Windows font size to 150%.

I'm trying my hardest not to have to send the laptop back, but one thing which is pushing me towards that is the issue with the taskbar appearing on top of full-screen applications when using high DPI settings.

There are three current solutions to this (on Windows 7, at least):

  1. Use the Basic theme instead of Aero. Windows 8 has no Basic theme, nor Aero for that matter. The default theme is "Windows", and the only alternative is High Contrast.
  2. Reduce the font size. Not an option due to what I've explained above.
  3. Change the program's compatibility settings to disable scaling on high DPI settings. Again not really an option due to what I've explained above.

I could set my taskbar to automatically hide, but I'm Ideally I'm looking for a full on Windows 8 solution to this instead of just a workaround.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue whilst retaining my high DPI setting across all applications?

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