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Ok, I tried to install linux and dual boot my laptop with 7 ultimate. I messed up. When I tried to boot to 7 it said no. Something along the lines of device not found. So I being young and stupid I uninstalled linux which I could boot into, and I still could not boot to windows. Next step was to run the startup fixes from the boot cd. Swing and a miss, I also ran the fixmbr and fixboot. Which brings us up to my current place. I installed 7 again on my blank partition in hopes I could access my other partion. No dice. So my question to yall is how can I fix my original filesystem or at least get to the stuff on it. In the new 7 install the old partion does not even have a drive letter. That is my sad story any help would be apreciated.

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If you aren't even seeing the partition, you very likely accidentally replaced it. Boot the Linux DVD. (Do NOT install Linux, just boot it as a LiveCD). Get to a terminal and type

fdisk -l /dev/yourdiskdevice

Of course, substitute the real device for "yourdiskdevice". Post the result here.

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I can see the partion in the control panel I just cannot access it. – Michael Oct 29 '09 at 3:05

I have resigned myself to having to just start over. Now installing programs again, sigh.

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