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The server administrator of my company have created a directory structure on the web server as shown in this tutorial (but this is not very important for my question)

So, on the web server I have a directory structure like:


            rdf files for articles 
            rdf files for papers 

After that the server administrator complete this operation I have a doubt about what is explained in this document:

Please, go to the second page and here find the section MAP NETWORK DRIVES.

What is it telling me? In practice this operation is to create a new drive\folder that is "linked" to the previous directory created on the web server? (So I can operate with the file in these directories: creation, delete, modify)

Is it right or am I missing something?

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A mapped network drive is to allow quick and easy access to a folder with the PC/Network/Server.

You can set permissions on these network drives to allow certain users to be able to modify/create/delete as you want to do in the above.

You've pretty much got it all covered in your post.

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