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I am trying to set up a SOHO network for myself, which involves two wireless AP/Routers, setup in WDS bridging mode, and the rest of the wired network.

So it goes: Internet(ADSL)--> TD-W8968 ))) TL-WR941ND ---Network switch---wired PCs+printer ))) Wireless laptops

The problem I am getting is that although both TD and TL are setup on the WDS, and have scanned and associated correctly, there doesn't seem to be any data interchange. I cannot ping the TD from the wired PCs. The wireless laptops can connect to either TD or TL, but cannot get data to cross the bridge. The wireless laptops can connect to the TD directly, and get the internet.

With WDS enabled on the TD I can get to the TL, and the other devices, but cannot get to the internet. With WDS enabled on the TL all I can get is the devices behind it.

I have followed TPLINK FAQ

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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