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I've been attempting to extend my wireless network for the last week or so using the well reviewed EDIMAX 7416APN repeaters. Here's the setup I have now:


BT Home hub - Fixed IP and a DHCP range of ( -> 1st EDIMAX Access Point - Fixed IP and a gateway IP of 192.168.254 2nd EDIMAX Repeater - Fixed IP and a gateway IP of 192.168.101

The first EDIMAX connects fine and I'm able to connect devices to it and get onto the internet without a problem.

Its the second Repeater that's causing me grief, as its finding the Access Point, but not assigning an IP address to any devices that I connect. I've ran a traceroute to external IPs and sometimes they comeback (very slow) and other times it just doesn't work.

My thoughts are the request is reaching the homehub, but the route back to the 2nd EDIMAX repeater is the problem. I've also tried using the 1st EDIMAX as a DHCP server for the 2nd using the unused - 64 range.

But still no luck.

I've also tried connecting both EDIMAX repeaters as a Universal repeater, which has worked on an O2 router, but again with BT the 1st repeater works, but the second does nothing.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Cheers Andrew

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