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I've a kind of a weird problem, similiar to this: Teamviewer and Virtualbox issue: some keys don't work

But instead of a Windows running inside Virtualbox, I've a Debian (without desktop environment). My 'host' is a Ubuntu 13.04.

My usual keyboard layout (on all three machines, they teamviewer client, the virtualbox guest and the virtualbox/teamviewer host) have the same keyboard layout (German).

If I sit in front of my host machine, all keys are sent to the virtualbox client without problems but when I connect to the host via teamviewer certain keys don't work at all (no output), including: -,.;<>|!"§$%&/()=?`´+*#'_öäü

Also my z and y key are switched, as if it were a US keyboard layout. Base characters (aAbB...) are working perfectly fine, same goes for numbers.

Sadly, because I can't use -, most commands aren't writeable.

Does someone have an explanation or solution for this behaviour?

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