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As above, suddenly I cannot cut/copy-paste anymore in my windows XP host. I work on a VDI and I get the error message "Cannot empty the clipboard" on trying to cut/copy and paste.

What could be the problem?

( some of the forums suggest closing down any open remote connections but I cannot do this as I need to copy over stuff into these sessions, especially required for some critical tasks that I am runnign remotely) thanks in advance.

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Probably some program opened the clipboard exclusively for update, then went to sleep while still locking out the clipboard, maybe waiting for some user-input.

If you're using remote sessions that share your local clipboard, this only adds more possibilities to which program is guilty.

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thanks! will bear that in mind! – Critical Skill Nov 2 '09 at 3:01

This problem was sorted by logging off and logging back on. I am still not sure what caused this though - any thoughts? Recording the workaround here for reference.

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