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On my windows xp machine, I can connect to a remote host via putty and psftp. However I fail to establish a connection with curl. When I enter

curl -v --key priv_key.ppk --pubkey pub_key.pub sftp://user@domain.com/~

I get

* SSH authentication methods available: publickey,password
* Using ssh public key file pub_key.pub
* Using ssh private key file priv_key.ppk
* SSH public key authentication failed: Unable to open public key file

I did use the export feature of puttygen to generate a curl comliant private key file, but I do not know how to provide a working public key file. Any hints?

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Open your private key with putty key gen. The public key is displayed in the dialog box. You can select the displayed key, and copy/paste it into a text file. –  Zoredache Jul 25 '13 at 22:42
Thanks, I did copy this into the authorized_keys file on the server and also into a local copy of the pubkey file that is passed to curl as an argument. I still get the same error message... –  Karsten W. Jul 25 '13 at 22:58

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