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I have gotten hold of a Solaris x86 10 8/11 VMDK and need to create the corresponding VirtualBox VM.

I used all the info in the vmx to create this VBox VM but GRUB fails to complete the normal boot (failsafe boot works OK and I can access for instance the grub menu on /boot/grub and the /dev/dsk disk list on /a).

The problem I have is that I don't have time to read the boot error message because the VBox splash screen pops up immediately.

  1. I interpret this as GRUB ending the boot with a Hardware Reset (is this right ?).

    So I thought I would run the guest in debug mode and set some kind of breakpoint on the HW reset and then have plenty of time to read the message and see what's wrong.

  2. Is this a sensible approach ?

  3. If yes, can someone help me wrt how to do this under the dbg prompt ?

  4. Alternately is there any way to have GRUB pause before reseting

Host Linux Mint Katia if this matters in any way.

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