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How can i embed my openssl certificate in firefox? When i visit mywebsite it show ssl warning, but i want to rebuild firefox a custom release so it will not show ssl warning how can i do that ?

What i want? If someone is using our custom firefox build our build should not show ssl warning of our certificates generated with openssl.

Is this is possible?

Thanks in advanced

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You can do this without needing a "custom release" of Firefox. Web browsers maintain a list of certificates that should be trusted by default; many of these certificates are included with the browser when it's installed, but you can add your own. Companies often do this with their own root CA certificates, allowing certificates issued by the company to be trusted across their network.

The following instructions are specific to Mozilla Firefox 24.0 for OS X, but should apply to any recent version of Firefox on any platform.

  1. Open the Firefox preferences window. In OS X, click the Firefox menu and select Preferences...

  2. Click on the Advanced tab

  3. Click on the certificates tab

  4. Click the view certificates button

  5. Click the authorities tab

  6. Click the import... button

  7. Navigate to and select your certificate, then click Ok

  8. Examine the certificate to be sure it's authentic, then select the appropriate trust options (only you can determine what purposes you'll trust the certificate for) and click ok.

  9. Visit a site that uses the certificate to make sure it worked.

Each user will need to perform these steps on their own browser. If you really want to bundle extra certificates into your own, installable release of Firefox, you can read Mozilla's Firefox Deployment documentation on the topic.

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