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I have a Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 8000, and when the charger/usb-hub is connected, the computer won't start. All I get is the bios boot screen, and it won't go further. But if I disconnect either the usb-cable or the power-cable to the charger the computer boots normally.

Any suggestions as to what's causing this behaviour? I've tried the charger on two different computers with the same result.

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I had the same issue with mine man.. I called MS and they were basically oblivious to the issue. The only solution I came up with was to just use the bluetooth usb dongle and ditch the charging station.

It was rather a PITA. Whats worse is now my keyboard is lagging like hell periodically or repeating characters rapidly while in a delayed state. From what I can tell, the 8000 was canned so I'm guessing they had a number of issues with it...

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We experienced a motherboard BIOS bug which involved scanning for USB at startup. USB 2.0 hubs affected it. If I recall, it would time out after 3 minutes, so maybe waiting longer would show if this is the same bug. I imagine an update to the latest BIOS would fix it, if it is this sort of problem.

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Have you tried plugging them in when the pc is on and making sure the correct drivers are installed

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