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On Linux Mint, where can I find a list of programs that can be installed using sudo apt-get install (name) ?

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You can:

  • use the program synaptic (check the application menu) to list and install/remove programs in a graphical user interface

  • use the Mint Software Center (check the applications menu)

  • use the apt-cache command to search from the command line

The list is long, so you may want to search it rather than just print it out.

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You can open Synaptic Package Manager to view installed, uninstalled, and upgradeable packages:

sudo synaptic

If it isn't installed, then do:

sudo apt-get install synaptic
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apt-cache pkgnames

Or type apt-get install and then Tab twice (this depends on how you've set up completion though and takes a while).

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Use the Synaptic package manager application that is installed.
It will allow you to see what is installed and what can be installed.

Other wise you can type

sudo apt-get install

and then push tab a few times. It will ask if you want to list all the packages. There will be thousands.

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