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How can I retrieve detailed memory information (virtual, shared, resident) from the command line for a specific process? tasklist just gives a "memory usage", which as far as I've been told, it's RSS+Shared.

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Can you try to use pmon from windows server 2003 resource kit (compatible with XP) ? – mveroone Jul 26 '13 at 15:14

PSList from Microsoft/Sysinternals should get you most of the way there:

Memory Abbreviation Key

All memory values are displayed in KB.

  • Pri: Priority
  • Thd: Number of Threads
  • Hnd: Number of Handles
  • VM: Virtual Memory
  • WS: Working Set
  • Priv: Private Virtual Memory
  • Priv Pk: Private Virtual Memory Peak
  • Faults: Page Faults
  • NonP: Non-Paged Pool
  • Page: Paged Pool
  • Cswtch: Context Switches

Also perhaps check out PowerShell's Get-Process.

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