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Why doesn't Word 2010 allow modification of people's names in interviews using a question/answer format when using custom styles?
For example I use the style name Question for the person asking, Answer for replies and Other for a 3rd person speaking.

I follow these directions in Word 2010 by clicking:

Change Styles button

then Paragraph Spacing

then Custom Paragraph Spacing

then Edit

I use these settings:

Indent:  Left:  0"
Hanging:  1.5", Space
Before:  12 pt
After:  12 pt
Tab stops:  1.5", List tab +  6", Right, Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:  0" + Tab after:  1.5" + Indent at:  1.5", Style: Linked
Based on: Normal
Following style: Answer

Once I get to Edit it doesn't allow me to modify the names accordingly. The names have to be customizable for each document without using macros or having to create a new set of style names for each document. The solution cannot include installing any 3rd party programs or add ons as I'm restricted from doing so.

In Word 2007 I used this easy method:

Click on the text to highlight

Click the Multilevel List icon in the paragraph group

Click Define New Multilevel list

Enter new text under Enter formatting for number

Click OK

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