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I've used some windows SSH programs, which allow me to spawn new windows based on my current SSH connection.

Is there an easy way to "clone" my terminal window that is connected to a different machine via SSH? I'm hoping to avoid launch multiple windows and logging into each one.

I'm doing this on Ubuntu but would prefer a general Linux solution, as I'd like to be able to do it from CentOS and other flavors too. If there is something better than the terminal window, I'm game too, as long as I can do a yum install of it :)

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The second part of my answer in this question may be a good place to start. – dtmland Jul 26 '13 at 17:20

If you use a screen multiplexer such as GNU Screen or tmux (and I would recommend using Byobu on top of one of those), this can be done quite easily.

With tmux, you would do something like the following to open up an existing session:

tmux attach-session

And that will open up and attach to the most recently used session (as gleaned from the man page).

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Is not the question about opening a new SSH session according to the existing one? – pabouk Jul 27 '13 at 10:00

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