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I'm not speaking of the Windows explorer, just of the standard open file dialogs in specific applications, Windows XP.

I know several open file dialog enhancers, commercial and free. On donationcoder, there is a "comparative review", some years old, and which does not address my problem, neither in text nor in screenshots. I went to all the file dialog enhancers sites, in order to have a look and better info. They speak about a lot of features that I don't want (but would be willing to accept). I downloaded Filebox eXtender, just to now have to deinstall it, and before installing some 10 other such file dialog enhancers, I hope somebody can help me here.

I do control-o to open the dialog, then I have the "File name" box there which is active, the big file list above this is without use, since it will not change when I enter the first characters of the wanted filename.

So I enter the first characters of the wanted filename, and now a pull-down list shows some of these files I might want to open, but I have many such files in these pull-down lists, since I only can enter a few characters, and then these will apply to many different files. Thus, the pop-down list here will invariably have a vertical scrollbar, and almost every time, I have to fiddle around with scrolling down in that list - at the same time, the files shown in the unnamed big list will not move, so that big window is of no use.

That's why I am looking for a bit of code (some code I could trigger by Autohotkey, for example), or a list of enhancers, that would be able to resize the above-described list of the "File name:" field whenever it's popped down:

  • resize it to the length it needs for the number of the entries (theoretically the best solution, but not really needed, and I know it would be difficult to code, since with every more character, it then would have to dynamically recede again), or

  • just resize it anyway, to some much bigger standard size than the current standard size (even with this minimum solution, I would be very happy).

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