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I've recorded a screenshot video on my computer with oCam. I've chosen 'ISO MPEG-4 Standard (.MP4) as the output format, and when I inspect my resulting file in MPC-HC, I see that it's VFR (with max 25fps).

I'm used to creating and modifying animated GIFs in Photoshop CS6 and like how I can cleanly, non-destructively, edit small things down to the pixel in single frames, then export to GIF again and you're done.

I now want to known how to do such frame-by-frame editing with simple MP4 (etc.) files.

Photoshop would be a first preference - as I can see you can export frames/timelines to video files as well as import - but I've imported my MP4 into PS and it seems to not be able to read the VFR timestamp values but instead just applies a default identical gap between each frame.

I have all of CS6 available to me, but am lost in the complexities of Premiere Pro and just want edit pixels in single frames and then get out of there. (But not garble the video via unnecessary/low quality video re-conversion either.)

For now, I will try to convert the VFR MP4 to CFR and then go from there in Photoshop like normally.

But in case this fails: are there are any great alternative solutions or set of steps (perhps with Premiere Pro) that can be laid out for me and others coming here in future?

I'd personally prefer to stick to the Adobe CS ecosystem if possible because I'm invested in it and I know it'll always be quality 'non-destructive' editing etc.


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