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under linux i learnt to establish an ip-based tunnel using ssh, doing this:

# background tunnel ip based on tun5
sudo ssh -f -N -w 5:5 root@remoteserver

# setup remote: tun5
ssh root@remoteserver "sudo ip link set tun5 up"
ssh root@remoteserver "ip addr add peer dev tun5"

# client setup: tun5
sudo ip link set tun5 up
sudo ip addr add peer dev tun5

The -w parameter empowers me to register a local ip to tun5 device, which in turn becomes my gateway ip to the remote server. Thats pretty awesome with 5 lines of code.

One of the applications i use don't have proper proxy handling and sucks using ssh port tunneling, thats why i need a fully IP-based solution, to get even UDP routed properly.

Any idea how to do this in putty or any other tool under windows?

Any hints highly appreciated!

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