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Is there a tool which can search linked clones of a chosen virtual machine in selected directories?

Alternatively is there a tool which would show the path to the parent virtual disk of a selected virtual disk (.vmdk file)? This would make potential creation of the search tool much easier.

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Script showing parent .vmdk file

There seems to be no tool which can show parent .vmdk file. Very good source of information for the script was VMDK Handbook.


monstart=512    # header start in monolithic vmdk
monlen=1024     # header length in monolithic vmdk

err () { echo "$@" >&2 ; exit 1 ; }

test "$#" = 1 || err Usage: vmw-vmdk-parent disk-image.vmdk
test -f "$1" || err "$1" does not seem to be a file
test -r "$1" || err "$1" is not readable

if test $(stat -c %s "$1") -le 1500 ; then
    # separate header file (smaller than 1500 B)
    cat "$1"
    # monolithic vmdk file with embedded header
    dd if="$1" status=noxfer bs=1 skip=$monstart count=$monlen 2>/dev/null
) |
    grep ^parentFileNameHint |
    sed 's/^parentFileNameHint="\([^"]*\)"$/\1/' ||
    err Error during processing "$1"
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A script for searching linked clones will probably follow later :) – pabouk Jul 28 '13 at 0:59

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