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I can't boot Windows 8 from LILO (after recovering it) and I can't find much info since lilo seems to be less used nowadays. When installing Windows I couldn't avoid it from creating actually two partitions: /dev/sda1 (300MB, for boot) and /dev/sda2 (Windows 8, itself). Choosing an entry like the one above ...

other = /dev/sda2
label = "win"

... boots into a Windows' text mode screen saying boot files were corrupted and something like "boot with a Win8 DVD and recover". Booting with

other = /dev/sda2
label = "win"

... yields two different scenarios:

  1. Most of the time, a normal Windows 8 loading screen appears, but it says something about "Starting recovering" below the loading animation. In that case I press Ctrl+Alt+Del since I'm afraid it will overwrite my MBR.

  2. Sometimes, just a normal Windows 8 loading screen, which freezes.

My partition table is MBR and I'm pretty sure the problem is with the Windows 8 UEFI boot. How can I make lilo boot it?

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If the partition table is MBR, then Windows was installed in BIOS mode and EFI is not an issue. If the partition table is GPT, then Windows was installed in EFI mode, and LILO won't boot it. To be sure of what you've got, run Boot Info Script and post a link to the RESULTS.txt file that it produces. –  Rod Smith Jul 28 '13 at 2:28
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