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Here is my setup -

  1. 1 Monitor
  2. Speakers connected to the monitor and setup to take HDMI audio in HDMI input mode or "PC audio" otherwise
  3. My Linux Mint PC - Speaker port connected to Monitor's Line In port. (DVI for video)
  4. Xbox connected to Monitor by HDMI

This lets me listen to Xbox audio while I am playing on it, and PC audio otherwise.

I recently purchased a Windows 8 laptop, and I wanted to add it to the above setup. I connected its VGA to the monitor and I can watch fine. I wanted to fix its audio as well.

I connected its speaker to the Linux box's Line In, hoping it will be passed through to the monitor that way. How ever this did not work out of the box and I wanted to know what is the right way to do this?

Currently, I can do

 pactl load-module module-loopback   // as indicated in a different how-to

and set the Line-in as an input device. This works as far as my playing stuff on my laptop goes.. However as you can guess, it replaces my mic on the desktop and if I were to call anyone on skype for instance, it takes my laptop audio instead of my Mic.

TL:DR - How to setup my linux PC so that anything connected on its Line-In is routed to its speaker out, without affecting the microphone input?

For now I can hack it with this script

num=$(pactl load-module module-loopback)
echo $num
echo "unloading id: ${num}"
pactl unload-module ${num}

I need to manually change the input to Line-In, use it and set it back to mic and close the app when done.

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