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I use Outlook 2011 Mac (14.3.6) to connect to a hosted Exchange 2010 email account (provided by messagestream.com)

I've noticed that when I receive an email from someone on the same hosted Exchange platform, their email address has an orange circle with a white question mark. When I try to send a reply back to them by clicking the 'reply' button, the email does not get delivered because it seems that the email address is incorrect.

enter image description here

From what I can tell, this only happens when they're on the same Exchange server as me. All other email seems to be fine.

I've tried adding people to my address book to see if that fixes the issue (trying to force Outlook to 'know' about each person) but this also did not work.

Does anybody know what I can to resolve this issue? At the moment when I reply to an email I have to delete the 'to' address and re-type it which is a little bit annoying!

I should also note that I have spoken to MessageStream support, and they told me that it was an issue with Outlook.

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