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I'm having problems adding a program to run at startup in Linux Mint 15.

I want to add WhatPulse:

sh -c "sleep 15 && /home/nicu/Documents/whatpulse"

but after reboot it is automatically changed to this

/home/nicu/Documents/whatpulse -delaystartup

Basically it doesn't save the command.

Not sure if this is related to other problem that I have: launching apps from Synaptic doesn't work, but they work fine if I run them from terminal (i.e. Software Manager works only if I run it from termina: sudo mintinstall)

Thank you, Nicu.

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This isn't the command line way of doing, but works all the same.

  • Open your home folder
  • Hit Ctrl+H
  • Open .config
  • Open autostart
  • Drag and drop the program you want to run at startup

BTW, I'm running MATE. Not sure if that's going to make a difference with whatever you're running.

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Thank you, it works. I run MATE too. – Nicu Zecheru Jul 31 '13 at 14:11

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