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How can I know what trueCrypt volumes are mounted on a computer?

Note I already know what files can be mounted. In other words the only volumes that can be mounted are: C:\Vol1.tc, C:\Vol2.tc and C:\Vol3.tc.

How do I know when a volume is dismounted?

I manage to do that by using the .net class FileSystemWatcher. Every time I dismount a volume I notice that the event FileSystemWatcher.Changed fires.

How do I know when a volume is mounted?

Here is where I am having trouble! Do I constantly query the drives and see if a drive exists. That sounds like a bad idea because if someone plugs in a usb and windows assigns that drive letter to it I will have an error.

Why I need this?

I am required to create an application where the user can see what trueCrypt volumes are mounted from his phone. The only thing I am missing to do is find out when a volume is mounted...

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