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I bought a new D-Link N300 Router today to replace my old G router.

I've two computers at home:

  • 1 Desktop (can plug directly to the router OR use a USB Wifi stick (Wireless G) to connect the router)
  • 1 Laptop (Use WIreless N radio signal to connect to the router)

For optimal range/speed for my LAPTOP, should I plug my desktop directly to the router or use the USB Wifi (Wireless G Radio signal) for the desktop computer? Are there any differences?

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USB can suck sometimes, I havent used USB wifi in years because the speed was much to slow. I'd rather get a PCI card for it. On a brand new router you will not see much difference in performance if your on a home connection – Simon Sheehan Jul 29 '13 at 1:00

I would always recommend using a wired connection if possible. It avoids any possible glitches in the WiFi signal. In your case, it also avoids having to buy a USB WiFi stick and possible problems with its software.

With a laptop, WiFi is OK because it adds the benefit that you can move around with it, but that is not an option for the desktop.

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