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Last night I turned off my MacBook Air A1465 with no problems at all. No hanging application or force shutdowns, but when I woke it up today, I get prompted with a map and a question mark.

I've checked for the SSD in Disk utility with no success. It's not found there.

I've opened it up, removed and replaced the stick, no success. Any ideas – or is it as simple as a broken SSD? The computer is three months old and has been used for surfing.

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3 month of internet browsing shouldn't break an SSD drive. Has it experienced any physical shock ? – mveroone Jul 29 '13 at 12:43
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If your Mac is only three months old (thus, covered under warranty) and your SSD drive does not work, have it sent in for a replacement.

There's no harm done from your attempts to reconnect the SSD, as it's the only user-serviceable part in the MacBook Air.

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