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I have fully configured machine running Centos 6 for my own software development. I want to replicate the configuration of this machine to another machine without needing to set up everything again .So, I think I need remaster a Centos disk to install the same configuration as my own Centos machine. Sometime ago, I had the same requirement on ubuntu and I created a remastered disk off my existing install with remastersys

I can't't find any reference to how i can remaster a Centos disk. Some people suggest that I use Revisor but i can't find revisor on Centos 6 Repository.

Is it possible to remaster Centos 6 with an existing configuration ?

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Is that second machine identical as the first one? – gronostaj Jul 30 '13 at 9:01
if you said about hardware, i say no. But this is not correspond with hardware i think.i Just add my own java aplication and install some software which needed by my own application.I want to bundle my own application with Centos OS, like have done by Clear OS. So one iso bundle with my own aplication and configuration.Any idea ? – Pirates Aug 1 '13 at 8:16

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