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Trying to diagnose why my computer suddenly comes to a CPU standstill (somehow related to plugging in the computer to power packs / recharging).

One thing that has prevented me from diagnosing the rootcause is that resource monitor (resmon.exe) shows that random applications (teatimer.exe, launchy, explorer) suddenly become cpu hogs and spike up in usage (e.g. 50% CPU usage) - but that if i close one of them than other programs immediately spike up in CPU usage (e.g. if i close down e.g. teatimer.exe then suddenly explorer moves to CPU usage of 50%). So resource monitor doesnt seem to show the "underlying cause" why there is a CPU constraint... How wld i diagnose this? let me know your thoughts!

Many thanks,


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computers often have tasks that will pause when on battery, and then start up again when you plug it in. I know this is not helping you with resmon, but it might help withe the issue. For instance, Anti-virus often pauses when not plugged in. – nycynik Jul 30 '13 at 18:09
will try process explorer to see if i can find which processes kick in when comptuer plugged in – Wouter Jul 30 '13 at 18:27

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