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I recently bought an ASUS laptop with a nvidia geforce 635m card that sports vga and hdmi outputs. I have installed the latest driver released specifically for the 64 bit 8.1 preview and it appears I am unable to extend my desktop across three monitors. (netflix to my tv via hdmi, coding on a 23 inch ACER LED monitor via vga, and browser on the laptop display). It will only handle one output at a time.

I have been unsuccessful in trying to find out whether this is possible and it might have something to do with the fact that im using the 8.1 release. Where can more information on this? (Ive searched nvida control panel, nvidia experience, windows control panel, nvidia site...) It also appears I am missing a ton of options in my nvidia control panel (ive come across a lot of other instances of this, none of the solutions worked for me)

Anyone else experiencing strange behavior similar to this when upgrading to 8.1? Any advice on getting this to work?

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Verify the problem exists in Windows 8. If it does not exist then the problem is the drivers, so you should report the problem to Nvidia, that is really your only option. What you want to do should be possible provided your hardware supports. –  Ramhound Jul 31 '13 at 11:26

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