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I am working on an Excel 2007 workbook (less than 1gb in size). There is one sheet which has formulae linked to other two sheets in the same workbook. The problem is that it becomes really slow whenever I make any change (or update the data in the other two sheets). I am using Intel i5 Windows 7 OS with 8gb RAM (which I think should be more than enough for this kind of work). Please help!

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The less than 1 GB in size is worrisome, as if you're nearing a 1 GB excel file. Excel is notoriously slow with large files. If you have a lot of formulas updating due to links, it will bog down.

What you can do is go to file (button) - options and go to the formulas section and change the calculation options to manual. Now it will only update when you press F9 so you can control when it gets slow.

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You can temporarily disable recalculations. Go to Excel Options, then Formulas, and under Calculation Options set Workbook Calculation to Manual.

To manually recalculate press F9

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