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I am wondering if there are any potential issues in moving large Outlook PST files (e.g. a few 3–5GB Outlook files) into Dropbox?

The files are periodically accessed / altered and might increase marginally in size.

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The files would still be local I don't see how it would cause a problem. The only problem ( not connected to Dropbox you have ) is having Outlook load .PST 3-5GB in size. – Ramhound Jul 31 '13 at 15:54
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Per the Dropbox help centre, Dropbox doesn't sync files that are in use, so your PST files probably wouldn't sync in real-time. They would only sync when the user closes Outlook. However, when it does sync it will only do a differential copy (only the changes to the file are copied), so it won't have to re-upload the entire file every time.

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