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I upgraded to Outlook 2013, and missing the 2010 display of date and time in "received" column. In 2013 it shows either time or date (for older emails), but not both.

Any idea how to restore to 2010 date and time view of the columnn?


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Right click on the Received column header -> View settings -> Format columns -> Choose "Received" from Available Fields -> Pick the format you want.

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The "Format columns" options let you choose how to show a date, or how to show a time, but there is no option showing both date & time. –  Doug_Ivison Aug 6 '14 at 22:06
  • Go to View tab Click on 'View Settings' button (second from the left)
  • Click 'Format Columns'
  • In 'Available Fields' on the left highlight 'Received'
  • From the 'Format' drop-down menu, choose how you want it displayed. I have Tue 8/12/2014 12:45 PM selected.
  • Click OK
  • Click OK again.
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However, the answer by trpt4him does not allow you to show the seconds. This thread gives an answer: How to include the second in Outlook "received" time? (hh:mm:ss)

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Unfortunately, the answer given by trpt4him doesn't work: the "Format columns" options let you choose how to show a date, or how to show a time, but there is no option showing both.

A partial solution: change the reading pane.

Leave the "Format columns" option at the default ("Best fit"). Click "View", then in the "Layout" grouping you'll find "Reading Pane". Set that to Bottom, or to Off. Then, resize the "RECEIVED" column, so it's large enough that "Best fit" will always include the day, date, and time.

(For the record, other options that may seem obvious: drag & shrink the reading page to give "Best fit" more room, or right-click the desktop, select "screen resolution", and set the monitor size to larger numbers.)

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Actually, the answer given by trpt4him can show date and time. Once you are on the final window with the Format drop-down menu, scroll up until you see the option for date and time. –  user386450 Nov 3 '14 at 21:48

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