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I some W8 laptops on a W-LAN and at some point I have set up sharing of one of them's users dir. If I log into the shared folder by navigating to Network/SHARED_PC_NAME and log in, I can see and have permissions on the users folder and everything therein, not just the public user folder.

How can I either restrict this to just the users/public/ dir or have permissions to the share revoked instead of being remembered until the PC is restarted?

Further to this, on another PC when logging in to the share I accidentally selected the "remember me" box and now it never asks for authentication, even after a restart, how can I make that PC "forget" the user name and password?

(When I say "share" I mean the shared PC shows up under "Computer" if I select "Network" in explorer, Im not sure what the actual windows terminology is for this)

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