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I'm writing a makefile that at some point builds image files. I'm using losetup -f in the file to find a free loop device when building out each image. Since the images are independent of each other, I'd like to be able to make -j in parallel. Unfortunately, when I do this, losetup -f returns the same device to all images since the command is executed at nearly the same time for each image. Does anyone know of a way I can get around this?

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I run into the same problem as you and found the following bug report in the chromium bug tracker that also describes how to fix it:

Basically it's sufficient to not just print the next free device but also use it and just print the name so it can be deleted afterwards.

From losetup(8):

-f, --find
    find the first  unused  loop  device.  If  a  file  argument  is present,
    use this device. Otherwise, print its name

    print device name if the -f  option  and  a  file  argument  are present.

This means that losetup -f --show /foo/bar will print /dev/loop1, for example, and also associates the loop the device with the file /foo/bar.

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