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I have a strange problem. Today I installed Debian for the first time (I'm Windows user). I didn't touch any settings but I'm not able to load some sites.

They are not related to each other at all (eg. seznam.cz ["local google"] and linuxquestions.org). I can succesfulyl ping to them, I can view them using sites like hidemyass.org but I'm not able to view them in any browser (Iceweasel, Firefox, Chrome) or download them using wget (which keep trying and keeps telling me that there is a timeout). Traceroute to these sites is also without any problem.

Do you have any idea how to solve this issue? It's pretty annoying.

EDIT: This issue is not about these two sites - some other sites which were working good just stopped working. I was using it without any problem and in a second it just stopped working and says "timeout". One of these sites is on my own server. All other sites on the same server works without any problem. What can cause this?

EDIT (read this): I figured out that the problem is causing my USB-to-Ethernet adapter. I found drivers for it but I don't know how to install them. Can someone help me? It's SMSC 7500

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are you sure that is the problem? If the adapder doesn't work you shouldn't be able to ping those sites either –  golimar Sep 10 '13 at 8:25

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